Wild. Biden tweets disdain at unwanted charges after stop in Las Vegas


Published on: February 6, 2024 at 03:42 h.

Last updated on: February 5, 2024 at 06:36 h.

President Joe Biden arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday, and by the time he left Monday morning he was tweeting his disdain for pesky junk fees.

Joe Biden Las Vegas Nevada Resort Fees
President Joe Biden gathers with his supporters in North Las Vegas at the Pearson Community Center on Sunday, February 4, 2024. Biden took to X to tweet about the unwanted charges during and after his trip to Southern Nevada. (Image: Getty)

Unsolicited fees—commonly called resort fees in the U.S. hospitality and gaming industries—are costs charged at the end of the online reservation process that are typically not disclosed in advance. In Las Vegas, resort fees can significantly increase the final cost of a reservation, with this daily fee now reaching $50 per night, plus tax.

We’ve made progress, but there’s a lot more work to do to reduce costs for American families. “That’s why I’m taking action to lower insulin, prescription drug, and energy prices and eliminate hidden junk fees that companies use to steal your money.”

On Monday, Biden focused more on so-called junk fees.

“When companies hide unwanted fees in families’ bills, it can take hundreds of dollars a month out of their pockets and make it difficult to make ends meet. It may not matter to the wealthy, but it’s real money for hardworking families – and that’s plain wrong.”

During his State of the Union address in February of that year, the president said his administration would “ban surprise resort fees.”

Biden’s time in Las Vegas

Biden arrived in Las Vegas from Los Angeles, where he attended a private fundraising campaign at a home star Wars And Indiana Jones Director George Lucas.

While in Southern Nevada, the President participated in an afternoon campaign event at the private Henderson residence of Brian and Myra Greenspun. Brian inherited a media empire from his late father, Hank Greenspoon, which included… Las Vegas Sun. The younger Greenspoon was a college roommate of President Bill Clinton and a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party.

On Sunday evening, the president attended a campaign rally at the Pearson Community Center with several Democratic members of Nevada’s congressional delegation, including U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen and Representatives Steven Horsford and Dina Titus.

Titus has opposed federal efforts to make resort fees illegal, though she said last February that she supports “transparency in pricing.”

Union gathering

On Monday afternoon, Biden stopped at the Vdara — a non-gaming hotel in the CityCenter complex on the Strip that is managed by MGM Resorts — where he met with union leaders and MGM executives.

I have a reputation to be proud of – being the most pro-union president in American history. There is a simple reason for this. “When unions are doing well, everyone is doing well,” Biden declared to rapturous applause.

Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign is going full steam ahead. The 46th president won more than 96% of the vote during Saturday’s primary election in South Carolina. The landslide victory exceeded most expectations and sent a clear message that Democrats — at least in South Carolina — are not ready or willing to support a primary challenger to the incumbent.

Biden shares are trading PredictIt Presidential Results 2024 at 48 cents. Former President Donald Trump at 44 cents.

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