Vegas man who assaulted judge allegedly suffers from schizophrenia


Since a week, Debra Dillon ReddenA 30-year-old man assaulted Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus as she was handing down her sentence. According to the latest reports, Redden may have attacked the judge due to mental illness.

For reference, Judge Holthus was sentencing Redden to prison for a previous attack with a baseball bat. Holtos refused to release the defendant on bail, prompting him to attack her, jump across the office and slam her to the ground. Redden assaulted the judge but was fortunately stopped by the courtroom commander and a staff member who intervened to incapacitate him.

While Holthus’s injuries did not require immediate care, she was later hospitalized for her traumatic injuries. Shane Brandonthe courtroom commander who intervened got the worst of it and was taken to the hospital with a dislocated shoulder and a cut face.

Writer, Michael LassoHe suffered injuries to his hand but was not hospitalized. In an interview with Good Morning America, he said he was glad he was in the courtroom at the time of the attack because he “didn’t even want to think about what would have happened” otherwise.

Clark County Prosecutor Steve Wolfson He praised the actions of the two men and thanked them for preventing the situation from escalating further.

Redden’s relatives were surprised by his reaction

As it turns out, the violent assault that Redden suffered may be linked to mental illness. According to reports from Las Vegas news media, Redden’s relatives claimed that the man suffered from schizophrenia and had not taken his medication on the day of the attack.

However, Reddin was found competent to stand trial for the incident last year, after treatment at a state forensic psychiatric facility.

The man’s adoptive mother, Karen Springer, commented on the matter in an interview with KVVU, expressing her shock over Raiden’s violent outburst. his sister, LaDonna DanielsHe also commented on the matter, saying that the attack was most likely not intentional but a reaction to the referee.

Holthus was unable to complete his sentence on the day of the assault. But the court convened again on Monday and sentenced him to prison for a period ranging between 19 and 48 months. The judge confirmed that the assault on her did not prompt her to modify the sentence.

However, Redden now faces additional charges for the attack. He has been charged with attempted murder and also faces charges of battery on a protected person, intimidation of a public official and extortion by threat.

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