Two people have been arrested in connection with the MGM National Harbor Casino robbery


This is exactly what happened in the case of the two thieves who were arrested Oxon Hill Earlier this week in connection with a robbery at Mgm national harbor hotel and casino. Officials in Prince George’s County Police Department It confirmed that the two individuals were arrested and are in custody.

Chips stolen, culprits found

The “heist” itself is not really as glamorous or audacious as it might suggest. In reality, the perpetrators took an undisclosed amount of casino chips off the table, but it was no small operation either. The police confirmed that seven people assisted in the robbery, two of whom have now been detained, and it is still a matter of time until the identity of the rest is revealed.

The robbery witnessed a quarrel between the perpetrators and security personnel, which resulted in the latter sustaining minor injuries in the ensuing quarrel, allowing the suspects to flee the scene. The recent arrests may be linked to other similar cases involving casino chip theft, although police have not provided information on whether or not those cases are related.

Inside business crime and the casino

The chip thieves case isn’t the only case to look at this week. a Rivers Casino manager in pittsburgh It is said that it was stolen $20,000 from the teller cage, Penn Live and several other media outlets reported.

the person, Yancy Yeater, 41, of Canonsburg works as a player services manager at the casino and was reportedly caught red-handed on surveillance footage earlier this month. The cage is where all the money is handled by the public, and players come to buy chips or cash from their winnings. The theft was first substantiated by security staff at the casino before being referred to the police.

Bodies found at Golden Acorn Casino

Two people who disappeared were found dead in a car at the Golden Acorn Casino. The news was confirmed by San Diego police, who found the bodies of the victims Melissa And Johnny Soto With their disappearance and death remaining a mystery despite a murder-suicide version being worked on.

The car has been found before we Customs and Border Guard. Investigations revealed that the people disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the authorities are still pursuing them. However, the couple lived separately and there was supposedly a domestic violence incident before their disappearance.

The man is said to have died from self-inflicted wounds while the woman’s cause of death is being determined.

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