Trump consolidates lead in 2024 Republican presidential race with DeSantis out


Former US President Donald Trump He emerged as the front-runner for 2024 Republican presidential nomination after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdraws From the race.

DeSantis’ withdrawal reshapes the landscape of the Republican Party, and enhances Trump’s odds of winning by more than 90%.

DeSantis’ departure greatly strengthened the situation Trump’s oddswith the latest figures from OddsChecker Which indicates more than 90% chance From securing the nomination.

DeSantisOnce considered a formidable contender, he faced challenges gaining support within the Republican primary, where he received just 21.2% of the vote. Caucus vote in Iowa. With the New Hampshire With the primary approaching and polls showing just 7.5% support for DeSantis, the Florida governor made the unexpected decision to suspend his presidential campaign.

Recognition The prevailing sentiment among Republican votersDeSantis stated that he signed a pledge to support the Republican candidate and affirmed his commitment to fulfilling this pledge. Despite past disagreements with Trump, he has endorsed the former president, strengthening Trump’s position in the race.

In addition, DeSantis said, Nikki Haley, the only major candidate remaining in the primary race, represents “the old Republican guard of yesteryear” and is “a repackaged form of warm unionism.”

Trump’s recent victory in Iowa, receiving an impressive 51% vote share, which significantly increased his odds. according to OddsCheckerNow, Trump is evenly priced (which means a 50% chance) of winning the US election in 2024. Other platforms, like 888sport, offer odds of 6/5 (45% chance) of Trump winning.

Trump’s dominance in the early contests makes him the clear favorite over Nikki Haley

As the Republican primaries unfold, Nikki Haley remains Trump’s only competitorWith a probability of 12/1. However, the dominance Trump has shown in early contests, coupled with DeSantis’ endorsement, makes him the favorite among political punters and analysts.

OddsChecker statistics not only underscore Trump’s rise within the Republican Party; Increasing possibility of a rematch between Trump and Biden In the 2024 general election. Trump and Biden are both currently priced at 45 cents on the PredictIt market, indicating a close race.

The landscape of the 2024 presidential race is marked by skepticism and disbelief among Republicans Questioning Biden’s ability To secure the Democratic nomination and Democrats express concern about the potential influence of Legal challenges to Trump’s nomination.

The complex dynamics have set the stage for an interesting and closely watched election contest, with the odds pointing to a compelling showdown between Trump and Biden.

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