The SOFTSWISS Casino platform integrates AI streaming


SOFTSWISS, a provider of innovative software solutions for the iGaming industry, takes the online casino experience to another level by incorporating AI into its latest casino platform development. The award-winning SOFTSWISS Casino platform will now see the high-tech AI tool integrated into the event streaming feature, as well as the Bonus API feature updated accordingly.

Event broadcast feature

Streaming events is one of the popular platform features that a large majority of players regularly use it for Real time monitoring And Continuous broadcast Capabilities. Therefore players are constantly updated about procedures And statistics On the platform. The latest update expands the feature to also include events such as the casino Tournaments, player statistics, payouts And TransactionsAnd more.

AI-driven platform advantage

In an effort to deliver an unparalleled online casino experience, SOFTSWISS now incorporates the latest advances in predictive analytics into… Broadcasting events with artificial intelligence feature. Function depends on Machine learning To generate Predictive data Intended to serve as reference For players who visit the platform. The package will also serve as a borderline expectation LTV (LTV) And other variables involved in traffic on the casino platform.

Target audience and traffic

Meanwhile, AI event streaming will help operators reach their goals the target audienceidentification VIP playersand stretch Player retention. The feature being able to identify low-quality traffic on the platform will also help operators fine-tune their data Advertising resources And policies to keep customers on the platform and leverage target audiences and notable people.

Additional API functionality

Casino_platform_unveils_ai_driven_event_streaming (1)The event flow is also included Additional API, Customized reward issuance function features Improved accuracy In data transfer. It is characterized by a ‘Total duration’ to update Because it combines activation and betting periods to obtain bonuses. The function can also be used to obtain Free spins are activated immediately Through the reward API.

Ivan Borchev, Head of Business Operations at the SOFTSWISS Casino platform, commented: “We are excited to unveil the latest updates to the SOFTSWISS Casino platform, which features the incorporation of machine learning into event streaming and simplified rewards management. These improvements empower operators by providing more efficient, data-driven tools for player engagement and business improvement.

Borchev added: “Accurate forecasting and planning enable operators to anticipate changes in player activity and proactively mitigate risks. We are confident that these innovations will set a new standard in online gaming management, strengthening SOFTSWISS’ leadership in the industry.”

The presence of ICE London

All players and fans can visit the SOFTSWISS team at Ice London 2024 To gain insight into the provider’s latest products and developments. The event streaming AI built into the Casino Platform product has now been included in the exciting lineup.

source: “Casino platform unveils event broadcast based on artificial intelligence”. softswiss. February 2, 2024.

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