The National Gaming Authority warns of illegal gambling ads on Facebook in France


French_regulator_issues_warning_over_illegal_online_casinos_on_facebook_2L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France’s gambling regulatory body, is working hard to prevent illegal gambling in the country. The regulatory body recently warned all players about the fraud taking place in the industry: many illegal gambling operators use the trademarks of popular licensed operators to advertise their services on social media platforms, especially Facebook.

Risks to players

This way, even those looking to gamble legally can be tricked into placing illegal bets. Now, the regulatory body has joined with dead To monitor the problem and solve it.

So far, I’ve found ANJ About 400 sites are illegalResulting in 137 user accounts On Facebook is going on Forbidden. The main operators that have been used in illegal operations are Barrier And By air groups. Profiles were created for these operators and their brand image was used to attract potential customers to the illegal website. They were created Mobile applications Which players were directed to from Facebook photos.

Online casinos are illegal in France. However, some operators are allowed to view Online sports betting and horse racing betting services For French players. Land-based casinos that have the appropriate licenses are also legal.

according to Angplayers In great danger Because of betting on illegal sites. They risk not getting their money back when they win, as well as various payment frauds and the risk of personal data theft.

The organizer commented: “If you doubt the legitimacy of the gambling site you are about to bet on, check out the list of sites approved by the ANJ. You can also check out the blacklist of sites that have been administratively blocked by the ANJ. We invite anyone who notices fake ads to report them.

Worth the illegal betting market

In December 2023, ANJ said France’s illegal betting market was worth up to that 1.50 billion euros (£1.28 billion/$1.62 billion) More than 10% higher of the amount bet in the country on an annual basis.

According to research conducted by ANJ, 510 illegal sites Active. About 60% of the total traffic comes from 21 of them.

PricewaterhouseCoopers published a study with alarming data: the total gaming revenue earned by illegal casinos is out there somewhere. Between 748 million euros and 1.5 billion euros, which ranges between 5% and 10% of total gambling in France. The record was set in 2022 when 12.9 billion euros.


“French regulator issues warning about illegal online casinos on Facebook”, January 31, 2023.

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