The competition is looking for strategic expansion following the internal success of the online casino


Competition‘s latest press release highlights its ambition to redefine the future of online betting for the digitally native generation. Exit in 2023 as A transformed entityThe company entered into new sectors, expanding its scope. These efforts can lead to and deliver new B2B licensing opportunities Lasting value Enabling further growth.

Success across multiple sectors creates new opportunities

Competition has seen significant growth across different product segments in 2023, Go beyond the origins of eSports. The platform has expanded to include traditional sports, casinos and fantasy gaming, leveraging its understanding of the gaming world Generation Z demographic To engage an untapped audience. This transformation may Great value unlockedenabling new revenue streams and avenues for growth.

2023 saw Competition Report A Revenue increased by 70%Access $29.2 million. This impressive growth occurred even with reduced marketing spending 8%, highlighting the company’s successful business model. The platform continued to operate Marketing excellenceand expanding its network of content creators by more than 100 brand partners And 90 million+ Total followers.

Customers, interested brand partners and other stakeholders have come to see Rivalry as a proven vehicle for interactive and entertaining experiences.

Steven Sales, co-founder and CEO of Rivalry Corp

The rivalry sets itself up as such Generational brand In online gambling, reflecting the technological cycles in which new service products emerge Emerging customers. The company features a product range that is entertaining, culturally relevant and constantly evolving. The brand is strategically located at an intersection Gaming and Internet cultureand has global resonance thanks to original game IPs like “Cash & Dash.”

Since casino games are a huge part of the betting experience and success of the specially designed Rivalry platform, Casino.exeThe company is looking forward to opportunities in Business to Business (B2B) sector., capitalizing on its success in engaging the under-30 demographic. Licensing opportunities should be created New revenue streams Improving brand recognition, achieving long-term benefits.

As Rivalry heads into 2024, the focus is on Strategic investments and measured growth in key areas, creating a platform for sustainable success. The goals for 2024 aim to Balancing profitability and growth These include better cost management, more first-party game releases, and improved player retention. The competition will also invest more Traditional sports sections To expand the demographic range.

We have unparalleled demographic expertise, a drive for product innovation that delivers results, memorable marketing, and an extremely talented team.

Steven Sales, co-founder and CEO of Rivalry Corp

As Rivalry heads into 2024, it aims to showcase it Operational excellence, maintaining its position as a leader in online gambling and continuing to challenge traditional standards in the industry. Platform Unique approach It sets it apart from others in the competitive scene as it maintains its focus on capture The next generation customer journey And pioneering the future of online betting.

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