SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator signs major deal with Ready Play


  • SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, one of the world’s leading game aggregators, has partnered with popular game provider Ready Play to strengthen its position and further expand across the global iGaming market.

Industry giants are collaborating to improve the player experience

softswiss_game_aggregator_partners_with_ready_play_2softswiss It works as one of the most popular Assembly platforms In the entire industry. The new partnership will help develop it further since a host of new slot games will be added to it.

On the other side, Ready to play It is a company with a long history in this industry. It has been on the market for 20 years and is present in several major regulated markets around the world. The company has obtained certification from the Channel Islands Alderney Games Control Committeeallowing SOFTSWISS to expand into this market as well.

This partnership means a lot to both companies, as it allows them to provide their customers with an advanced customer experience and improve the player experience as well.

Unique products

Ready Play is known for its unique features such as slot game versions Bingo reel And Snakes and laddersWhich has been very popular among players. Games are becoming more popular due to statistical data and analytics which are unique in the market. Both companies can use this data to Improve player experienceWhich will undoubtedly lead to a successful partnership.

Ready play is also known as Unusual test for its games – while the content production phase continues, Real players They are invited to test games, and this allows the company to create content that truly meets all the desires of its fans and players, thanks to the feedback they receive from players. SOFTSWISS also invites its customers to try its products before the official launch and give their feedback, thus the values ​​of both companies Perfectly aligned When it comes down to it.

SOFTSWISS gaming complex Recently announced product integration with Famous SOFTSWISS award poolwhich will update its offerings, along with a range of advanced sports betting products.

Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Collected gameHe said: “Our iGaming aggregator stands out due to the strength and diversity of its offerings. Collaborating with providers like Ready Play allows us to maintain our leadership position. Ready Play games offer unique and unparalleled experiences, and we are keen to monitor the demand for them across our network.”

Grant Benson, Commercial Officer From ready-to-playHe added: “We are thrilled to make our high-quality games accessible through a content hub that reaches diverse audiences across different sites. Our goal is to bring our games to the most discerning players possible, and partnering with SOFTSWISS allows us to achieve exactly that. Integrating with Game Aggregator does showcase the potential Not only is this amazing for our brand, but it also opens up new business opportunities.

source: Miller, George, SOFTSWISS toy assembler partners with Ready-to-Play feature. European Games. January 16, 2024.

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