Soft2Bet reveals 2023 results and 2024 plans


Following its success in 2023, Soft2Bet is looking at ways to expand its business further in 2024.

Interesting toys and tools

soft2bet-shares-2023-results-and-predictions-biggest-gaming-trends-of-2024-The company’s popular gaming features, which have already been developed and customized to meet partners’ needs, will be further expanded and customized to suit players Various organized markets.

‍Gamification is a term related to social and casual gaming and has become very important in the industry. Currently, it is used to express promotion Share and playAnd also Comprehensive gaming experience.

‍Soft2Bet It uses gamification to incorporate social engagement and gameplay tools into its content. The company has created an advanced game engine, Soft2Bet Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) To fulfill the desires of players in different markets.

To date, MEGA has been very successful, and the financial and product performance results have been impressive. However, the company plans to expand its application further.

Yoel Zuckerberg, Product Manager at Soft2Bet, He said: “In practice, this translates to our technology, development, marketing, or CRM teams spending many man-hours integrating all of these elements into the way our products play. This means hours of painstaking technical work to develop a fully integrated solution that is seamless, secure, and tailored Geo-targeted to player habits and preferences. This work is paying off and has enabled Soft2Bet to grow faster than ever in 2023.

Mobile games and the integration of artificial intelligence technologies

However, the company plans to focus more on the online gambling market, which is expected to generate profits More than $150 billion By the end of the decade. currently, about 70% All online betting revenue is generated through mobile applications, so the company plans to upgrade its features further and introduce new, personalized and unique players. Mobile gaming experience.

However, in the era of various artificial intelligence technologies, it is important not to forget about it. Soft2Bet will continue to look for different ways to integrate advanced AI solutions into its offerings, especially in the area of ​​data analytics, which will help improve the player experience and customize the offering to suit players.

also, Player behavior analytics It is one of the most important things to consider in the coming year.

Responsible gaming remains in the spotlight in 2024, as it always has. In the coming year, the industry is expected to discover new tools and solutions and come up with new and innovative ideas for gaming conservation. Safe and secure for everyone.

Soft2Bet has prepared a lot of new content for 2024, including great ones City building features For players who enjoy casinos too Sports stadiums For sports betting enthusiasts.

Martin Collins, CBDO at Soft2Bet, Comment: “For 2024, we look forward to strengthening our innovative and catalytic engineering offerings while expanding our reach around the world. Next year will be a pivotal year for our company and the broader iGaming industry. We are focused on driving these exciting new trends as we continue to change and move the industry forward.”

source: “Soft2Bet shares 2023 results and predicts the biggest iGaming trends for 2024”. Soft2Bet. December 22, 2023.

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