Sint Maarten: Armed robbers attack Porto Kopi Casino


Keeping in mind that casinos make it easy Cash sensitive transactionsThey can often become targets of various criminals. While some may try various fraudulent activities, others try to rob such places. This is exactly why there are so many brick-and-mortar casinos Invest heavily in security and surveillance personnel Some are also benefiting from AI solutions.

Earlier this week, a brazen robbery occurred at Puerto Cuban Qui Casino In Sint Maarten, an island in the Caribbean Sea that is one of the constituent countries of HollandIt resulted in the theft of an undisclosed sum of money. The incident, according to Sint Maarten Police ForceKorps Politie Sint Maarten (KPSM), dating back to the early hours of Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

According to law enforcement, the investigation into the armed robbery is ongoing. Police are making every effort to gather further evidence to help identify, arrest and punish the three individuals who participated in the illegal activity. KPSM confirmed that witnesses or anyone with information regarding the robbery can Submit an anonymous tip Either by calling the hotline or leaving a message on Facebook.

This armed robbery is currently being investigated. KPSM is actively collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses to identify and arrest suspects.

reads a statement from the police force in St. Maarten

The theft investigation is ongoing

In describing the incident, law enforcement confirmed multiple reports of the ongoing incident Armed robbery Received on January 24 around 1:30 AM. Unexpectedly, the police responded immediately by sending a number of detectives, patrol officers and forensic teams to the local casino. Initial investigations into the case resulted in the identification of three defendants Wear masks and dark clothes.

The thieves were Equipped with guns He threatened security guards at the casino entrance. The perpetrators then broke into the place and robbed it. The police did not confirm how long the robbery took. Once that was done, the three masked robbers left the casino on foot. So far, KPSM believes the three robbery suspects headed toward the French side of the island.

The police did not confirm If anyone is injured during the theft. The amount of money stolen has not been revealed at the time of writing this report.

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