Nevada includes Mississippi in its blacklist of casinos


Various states across the United States where casino gambling is legal have established exclusion lists. These lists often include the names of individuals who were Being convicted of gambling-related crimes or engaging in other illegal activities. With their names added to the infamous “Black Books”, these shepherds are Forbidden from visiting casinos in a certain state and may face legal action if they violate this ban.

This is not surprising Nevada, native to Las Vegas, also has a black book that lists the names of customers excluded from gambling at the casino. After Thursday’s meeting Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC), voted unanimously to expand its list by adding another person, bringing the number of excluded individuals to a total 36 people.

The person who has been excluded is Sean Joseph Benward36 years old resident Mississippi Which media reports described as cheater. His name was added to the state’s black book due to allegations of fraud at casinos in various states, including Nevada. The unanimous vote to disqualify Benward follows the committee’s decision earlier this year Nominate him for the list. Although the 36-year-old was notified about the Commission vote scheduled for Thursday, he did not attend.

Benward is said to have a long list of… Convictions or arrests for fraud Not just in Nevada but in Iowa, Ohio and New Jersey, among other states. It was also added to the exclusion lists in Missouri, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. He was banned from visiting casinos in those states.

Undeveloped scheme

Michael SumpsThe chief deputy prosecutor in the Nevada Attorney General’s Office explained the scheme that Benward allegedly used to Casinos across the country are scammed out of thousands of dollars. The scammer was allegedly distracting the roulette dealers by engaging in discussions with them. Benward would then allegedly bet late in the game and once the roulette ball had landed would try to convince the dealer that his bet The chips were placed on the wrong number. To ensure the credibility of his story and put pressure on the trader, the scammer will work in a team with… The second person to confirm his false claim.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Benward is currently in Nevada or another US state. However, a person with identical names, the same age, and who is also listed as a resident of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is currently on the most wanted list in Leon County, Iowa. This individual is charged with failure to appear and continuing criminal conduct, including six counts of gambling fraud, five counts of money laundering and two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. According to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, it is the same person He is wanted on similar charges in Mississippi, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

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