Mississippi sends sports betting bill to Senate


After the vote in the House of Representatives hall on Thursdaythe Mississippi mobile sports betting law is just steps away from becoming a reality, putting the Magnolia State in the fold of jurisdictions in the US that have legalized or already launched their own sports gambling framework.

Legalization of sports gambling in Mississippi is inevitable

Before lawmakers can pat themselves on the back, a vote still needs to take place in the Senate. The House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of the bill and passed it 97-14 votes Giving the state its best chance yet at legalizing sports gambling. There are financial imperatives that make this seem more likely now than ever before.

Sponsor of the bill, Rep. Casey Orr to DishHe, a Republican, has managed to put partisanship aside by finding a common denominator — tax revenues, which are expected to grow by 25 million dollars or 30 million dollars If the bill is passed successfully. Having the support of politicians of all stripes certainly helps, because it makes a Senate challenge less likely.

If the Senate approves the bill, a fee of 12% tax on sports betting And sending 4% of this amount to the areas where the casino is located, while allocating the other 8% to the state so that it can do whatever it wants with it. It all sounds good on paper, but some red flags are flagged, and this has to do with the fact that small casinos may not be particularly interesting to larger betting platforms, which leaves them completely out of the equation.

The ball is now in the Senate’s court

However, most lawmakers agree that they may, legalization of online sports gambling in Mississippi will occur even if certain aspects of the final law conflict with specific individual-level preferences. The Senate will have to act next, and a victory there will almost certainly be seen Republican Gov. Tate Reeves Acquiescing in passing the bill, if not just to anger his party.

Meanwhile, both Georgia and Virginia have made changes to their gambling legislation. Georgia has passed a bill in the Senate to allow sports gambling, and Virginia is taking a tougher look at games of skill.

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