Lawsuit targets Circa Hospitality’s customer loyalty program


Operators throughout Las Vegas offer different incentives with their services Loyalty programs. Participation in some of these programs is free and customers can take advantage of a wide range of free options, including free meals, casino chips or even in some cases free hotel stays for a specified period. A recent lawsuit challenges whether or not he is one of the operators of Sin City Failure to disclose taxes and fees Required for different companies within their loyalty program.

Details about what’s new A lawsuit against Circa Hospitality Group The subsidiaries emerged last week, a report issued by Las Vegas Journal Review reveal. The legal claim is made by the operator and its affiliates Failure to disclose fees and taxes applied to companies Via the operator’s loyalty program called “Club One”.

Ultimately, the lawsuit that Seeks collective action, requires hospitality and gaming operators to “cease any and all forms of illegal conduct,” specifying that their member companies’ profits should not be reduced by various fees. Legal case It alleges that Circa “engaged in deceptive business practices“, accusing the operator of misrepresentation, negligence and diversion. Besides engaging in deceptive practices, the newly released report reveals the lawsuit alleges that the operator has breached the contract and breached the implied covenant.

The lawsuit seeks damages of approximately $4 million

The lawsuit was filed by attorneys Artemus Hamm, Robert Eglet, Robert Adams and Michael Kind On behalf of five plaintiffs. Defendants listed in the suit include Circa Hospitality Group, Golden Gate, D and Circa, as well as some unnamed employees and affiliates. Uploaded with Clark County Courtthe legal case claims Losses amounting to $3.75 million For the past four years while Circa’s loyalty program has been running.

According to the lawsuit, “the defendants They routinely reduced the amount of damages they promised plaintiffs by deceptively applying false fees and costs“.

In the new lawsuit, one of the plaintiffs said: Matthew StokesHe explained that he purchased a meal for $23 at Saginaw’s Deli in Circa. “Mr. Stokes was surprised to see that, in addition to the $23, Defendant’s point-of-sale system assessed an additional $1.93 of ‘additional tax’ that had been deducted from his earned comp credit,” the lawsuit explained, with a transcript applied From the receipt too.

a A trial date has not yet been set. The legal case claims that more than 10,000 people who signed up for the loyalty program when visiting Circa may participate.

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