Las Vegas attracts 1 million more tourists and 1 million more convention-goers in 2023 – CDC Gaming Reports


A total of two million more tourists and convention goers flocked to Las Vegas in 2023 compared to the previous year, the highest numbers since the pandemic in 2020 and an increase in hotel occupancy on the Strip and midweek.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority released year-end numbers Wednesday afternoon before the Nevada Gaming Control Board releases gaming revenue numbers next week. The two agencies usually publish the numbers on the same day.

Las Vegas had 40.8 million visitors in 2023, up 5.2% from 38.8 million in 2022. The total helped 3.35 million visitors in December, up 2.7% from December 2022. The record was 42.9 million in 2016 and visits were 42.5 million In 2019, before Covid-19.

Conference attendance helped boost visits for 2023, with the group’s segment attracting 5.98 million, 20% higher than 4.99 million in 2022. Conference attendance in December slowed to 195,700, down 11% from December 2022.

Tourism and convention attendance are expected to grow even higher in 2024, based on casino operator reports and tourism officials’ forecasts. Super Bowl and Las Vegas Raiders home games and concerts are expected to boost visits.

Total hotel occupancy in Las Vegas was 83.5% for 2023, an increase of 4.3 points from 2022. It was 88.9% in 2019.

Weekend occupancy reached 90.7%, an increase of 1.4 points from 2022. It was 94.9% in 2019 before the pandemic.

Midweek occupancy, supported by an additional 1 million conference attendees, improved to 80.3%, an increase of 5.6 points from 2022. It was 86.3% in 2019.

The Strip’s occupancy rate for the year was 86.2%, an increase of 4.6 points from 2022. The downtown occupancy rate was 69.7%, an increase of 2.4 points from 2022.

Annual average daily rates for 2023 topped $191, beating last year by 11.9%, while revenue per available room approached $160, up 18% compared to last year.

The average room price in the Gaza Strip reached $200, an increase of 5.8% from $187 last year. The average room rate downtown was $104, unchanged from 2022.

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