Ige 2024, a transformative gaming event in Rome, April 18-19


Editorial Italian Games Exhibition and Conference (Ige) It promises to be a transformative two-day event From April 18 to 19, 2024, at the Palazzo dei Congress in Rome. Under the title “The sustainable future of gaming” Offers a B2B platform dedicated to the Italian gaming industry. At the same time, the 2024 Italian Games Awards (Iga) got underway, sparking anticipation for the celebration evening on April 18 at the Spazio Novecento in Rome.

20 award categories

Iga asks leading companies in the Italian market to place orders through it 20 award categories. With nominations open at www.italiangamingwards.com www.italiangamingwards.com The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place until February 29, 2024 to honor excellence and best practices in the gaming sector.

Ige’s two-day event caters C-level executives, organizations, experts, scholars, and influencers. It provides a unique opportunity to explore the key themes shaping the world of gaming, including technological advancement, sustainability and innovation. This event aligns with ongoing government and parliamentary reforms, shaping the future of the industry.

The evolution of technology is fundamental to the future of the gaming industry. IG highlights Procurement and supply chain managers, CFOs, and HR executives reveal value chain dynamics, ESG models, diversity and inclusion, and new organizational processes. Promoting sustainability and digital transformation.

Ige delves into trends like the Metaverse, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital payments. Regulatory aspects, incl Combating match-fixing, reviving the horse racing sector, organizing e-sports, She is also in focus. Against the backdrop of impending legislative reforms, IGI aims to shape the industry’s approach to 2024 and beyond.

Despite its commitment to Italian industry, Ige maintains its international profile. Cooperation with Imgl – TInternational Master in Gaming Law, And media partnerships with global gaming organizations such as SBC Media, Intergame, and Casino Magazine, Adding a global dimension to the event.

Extraordinary Scientific Committee

Ige’s content and organization benefit from a distinguished scientific committee that includes Experts, scholars and professionals. The committee including stars like Lucio Lamberti, Francesco Rodano, Quirino Mancini, and Ludovico Calviensures a balanced mix between industry and academia.

Iga adds an extra layer of excitement to Iga. An evening dedicated to rewarding excellence and best practices in the Italian gaming sector, it combines music, entertainment and communication in an enchanting atmosphere Spazio Novecento.

Iggy drives him Gn Media Publishing Group, leveraging its 15-year heritage in international games. With a monthly reach of over one million people across the GiocoNews.it and EsportsMag.it networks, the group acts as a vital link in the gaming industry.

Supported by media partnerships with leading newspapers and press agencies, Ige ensures maximum visibility. A dedicated communications campaign, strategic partnerships and support from global event organizers expand its reach.

As the gaming industry prepares to witness the dawn of Ige, the event marks not just a debut, but a pivotal moment in shaping the sustainable future of gaming in Italy and beyond.

source: “Nominations for the Italian Gaming Awards (Iga) have been opened at an event within the event in collaboration with Ige – the Italian Gaming Exhibition and Conference”. European Games. January 12, 2024.

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