Group Leadership – IGT Tier 1 MSCI ESG Rating!


As a testament to its unwavering dedication to environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) Excellence, International Gaming Technology PLC (IGT) She proudly announced that the company had achieved this goalHighest possible MSCI ESG rating — AAA.

This reflects the excellent result from the global rating agencyIGT advances year after year In managing ESG risks and capitalizing on opportunities, positioning the company as a sustainability leader in its sector.

Navigating the ESG Terrain – IGT’s Annual Boom

igt_achieves_highest_possible_msci_esg_rating_of_aaa_2IGT’s impressive achievement of achieving a AAA rating underscores its proactive approach to ESG considerations. the MSCI ESG ratingswhich assesses a company’s resilience to long-term ESG risks, places IGT at the forefront of the industry, reflecting a company’s strategic alignment with sustainable practices.

In a AAA grade breakdown, the company particularly shines in key categories. Governance, product safety and quality, carbon emissions management and working practices are notable areas in which IGT received high marks. This comprehensive performance confirms IGT’s overall desire to pursue sustainable practices, from excellence in governance to reducing carbon emissions and ensuring the highest standards in product safety.

MSCI ESG Research, the respected global authority on ESG ratings, uses a rigorous process to evaluate and rate companies on a AAA-CCC scale against their industry peers. IGT’s high-level rating speaks volumes about its conscientious business practices, with a focus on minimizing risks and capitalizing on opportunities in a rapidly evolving ESG landscape.

Insights for investors, the crucial role of MSCI

MSCI’s ESG ratings provide investors with invaluable insights into a company’s ESG practices. By providing a Comprehensive analysis of thousands of companies around the world, MSCI provides institutional investors with the tools to make informed decisions and identify risks and opportunities that may escape traditional investment research.

Because IGT proudly displays its AAA ESG rating, the company stands as a beacon of sustainable excellence in the gaming industry, reinforcing its loyalty to responsible business practices and resilience in the face of evolving ESG dynamics.

Wendy Montgomery, IGT’s senior vice president of marketing, communications and sustainability, said: “IGT receiving an MSCI AAA ESG rating demonstrates our strong commitment to driving sustainability outcomes company-wide through ongoing Sustainable Play initiatives. Sustainability is an integral part of our daily operations as we focus on creating long-term value for our key stakeholders.”

source: “IGT receives highest possible MSCI ESG rating of AAA”. European Games. January 26, 2024.

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