Finnplay launches mobile applications in Hungary and the Netherlands


com.finnplayFinnplay, the Scandinavian iGaming industry provider, has announced the launch of two brand new mobile apps for online casinos in Hungary and the Netherlands.

The Dutch app was made for, while the Hungarian mobile app was made by Finnplay for The supplier has significant experience in multiple jurisdictions and possesses the technical expertise to undertake such a simultaneous launch of two different mobile applications.

Finnplay prides itself on performing native app development for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing its online casino operator partners to benefit from the significant growth in the mobile gaming market.

Both applications were soft-launched over the summer, allowing both and to leverage the advantages of the mobile platform while supporting their expansion goals in this market segment.

Game-changing launches

Speaking about the launch of the two applications, Jaakko Soininen, Managing Director of Finnplay, described them as “Change the rules of the game” For the Dutch and Hungarian markets, he added that this event also confirms “Finnplay’s position as a strong iGaming company.”

The Finnplay CEO also added that the double launch proves that his company is fully capable of operating “Seamlessly across diverse markets and regulatory landscapes.”

Dr. Egresets Csaba, Online Director at LVC Diamond, the company that runs, described the mobile application provided by Finnplay as… “cutting edge” He added that it gives the operator “The perfect platform” To launch its sports book offering “It has been a pleasure to work closely with Finnplay and we have the utmost confidence in the technology to ensure we continue to grow our business.” Dr. Egresits Csaba also added.

Daphne Xerri, Director of Product and Customer Experience at Playnorth, the company that runs, stressed the importance of introducing players to “Best possible experience” Whether on desktop computers or mobile devices. “Finplay has created the perfect app that ensures a seamless experience in all formats.” Daphne Zari concluded her speech.

Founded in 2008, Finnplay is an iGaming provider based in Finland, focused on providing platform technology and services for online casinos and sports betting sites. The company’s main product is the Titan Casino and Sportsbook platform, which includes integrations for online casino games and payment solutions from other third-party providers.

The platform is fully compatible with many regulated jurisdictions from around the world, including Mexico, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Malta, and Hungary.

source: “Finnplay simultaneously launches mobile applications for the Hungarian and Dutch markets.” European Games. November 30, 2023.

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