Curacao Finance Minister explains new gambling law


curacao-finance-minister-bombings-lok-misinformationJavier Silvania, Curacao’s finance minister, issued a statement condemning what he called “wrong information” Regarding the new gambling law in the country.

The National Gaming Law, new legislation that will completely reform how gambling is regulated in Curacao, has been submitted to the country’s parliament for approval in December 2023. Until the new legislation is approved, Curacao will continue to operate under the current national law. Decree on marine risk gaming legislation.

The Minister of Finance admitted in the statement that a national law on games of chance and its submission to Parliament was expected to be born “A broader discussion.” However, Javier Silvania was keen to warn against the spread of misleading information regarding the legislative process.

The Minister of Finance explained that he had noticed “A huge amount of misinformation” Strongly urged “Against the promotion of further unverified rumors or speculation.” Regarding the new legislation. “Complete and accurate information can only be guaranteed when issued by the Ministry itself or the Curacao Gaming Control Board.” Sylvania added.

The current license issuance process remains in place

The Minister of Finance also expressed his full support for the Curacao Gaming Control Board as it moves towards the new legislative framework. “To suggest otherwise would be reckless and misleading.” Javier warned Sylvania.

Furthermore, the Minister of Finance confirmed through his statement that the current license issuance process remains in place. According to Javier Silvania, it also means that “The milestones posted on December 20, 2023 are also unchanged.”

The Critical Milestones document details the Ministry’s process for moving from the current framework to the new framework. One of the key dates in the process will be March 31, 2024, because from this date it will no longer be possible to register sublicenses on the Gaming Control Board website and subsequently apply for a direct license. Furthermore, it will not be possible to extend new licenses or renew master licenses after this date.

The Curacao Gaming Control Board has also renewed all gambling licenses, and as of January 1, 2024, all license holders have been allowed to begin displaying the digital seal on their casino websites. The application process for operators was launched on September 1, 2023 with the opening of the online portal, which began accepting account registrations for applicants and sublicensees on November 1, 2023.

source: Curaçao’s Finance Minister criticizes the “misinformation” provided by the LOK party. iGaming works. January 11, 2024.

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