BREAKING VEGAS MYTHS: You don’t have to pay a resort fee


Published on: September 15, 2023 at 08:04 pm.

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All major resorts on the Las Vegas Strip now charge resort fees, even those, like Planet Hollywood, that proudly announce they don’t. According to a growing group of consumer advocacy sites, paying these fees is not necessary because they are illegal.

The Venetian Las Vegas charges a daily resort fee of $45, which is not reflected in the grand total stated in any online reservation. According to the resort’s website, this fee is for — whether you use it or not — the resort’s Wi-Fi and gym, unlimited local and toll-free calling, boarding pass printing, and “thousands of the best newspapers and magazines” available via an app on The resort’s Wi-Fi network. (Photo:

“You don’t legally have to pay any hotel resort fees,” says The resort fee violates the Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act, the website declares, so you may refuse to pay it upon check-in.

Tell the manager that you have already paid the advertised price for the room and all necessary taxes. advises and encourages you to stand your ground.

Is this good advice? Only if you don’t mind taking a high risk of having your reservation cancelled, charged a cancellation fee, and escorted out of the hotel by security.

What’s more, many hotels won’t even let you raise a stink about the resort fee upon check-in. Unless you specifically remember to inquire about hidden fees, they will not be revealed until after you check out and are actually charged to your credit card.

Hidden in a regular location

The first resort fees went unnoticed because only a few dollars per night were charged by a few hotels 25 years ago.

Now, according to a Nerd Wallet analysis of more than 100 hotels around the U.S. in January 2023, that averages $42.41 per night, or about 11% of the total cost of a hotel stay.

There are only four hotels on the Las Vegas Strip that don’t charge fees: Travelodge by Wyndham Center Strip, Strip View Suites at Jockey Club, Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas Strip South, and Best Western Plus Casino Royale.

To check if your hotel charges a resort fee and how much, visit

Why is there a resort fee?

According to the hotels, it provides convenience to its guests, who charge just one price for a range of amenities rather than being charged separately for things like Wi-Fi, gym access, and local phone calls.

Because all travelers use a hotel phone to make local calls in 2023.

the TRUE The raison d’être of resort fees is the emergence of online travel agencies (OTAs) in 1996. The first resort fees were introduced one year later, allowing hotels to compete with Expedia, Travelocity, and

This is because OTA users are almost always looking for “best value” or “lowest price” parameters on these platforms. The only way for resorts to appear higher in these searches is by offering lower daily room rates. The most economically effective way to achieve this is to hide a portion of their prices as undisclosed fees.

Now that 41% of total bookings come through online travel agencies, compared to 29% through hotel websites and 29% through travel agents, according to the website, the cost of travel has become no The appearance on the front page of OTA results also increased.

Resort fees provide other economic benefits. Hotels pay commissions to OTAs for each room booked – commissions are based only on room rates, not separate fees. Additionally, resort fees contribute to increased revenue per available room, which is an important performance indicator. According to analysis firm OTA Insight, resort fees offer tax advantages.

But the biggest incentive for hotel companies to continue charging resort fees is that it is a revenue stream their shareholders have become accustomed to. according to consumer reports, US hotels collected a whopping $2.9 billion in resort fees in 2018, triple what they took in 2004.

Not illegal … Until now

You can certainly dispute a resort fee, for example, by filing a dispute with your credit card company or filing a complaint with your state’s attorney general. But even if you can (somehow) waive it, you’ll still need to pay it first.

If it’s really a resort fee He was Illegal President Biden will not currently call on Congress to make them illegal, along with “junk charges” for concert ticket “services,” carry-on luggage on planes and cancellation of cable, Internet or phone service.

And by the way, you shouldn’t take advice from a tax income avoidance site either. (Yes, it’s a real website.)

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