American Gaming Association rejects federal GRIT law


Earlier in the week, Senator Richard Blumenthal And US Representative Andrea Salinas foot Gambling and investment addiction recovery and treatment law (perseverance).

I will GRIT finance Series of Research grants (25% of revenue) as well Prevention and treatment Solutions to problem gamblers75% of revenue) via a 50% conversion Follower Federal sports betting tax.

according to Last year’s numbersThe law had been designated $125 million. To date, there are a number of responsible gambling advocacy groups including North America’s leading gambling trade organization, National Council on Problem GamblingThey announced that they would support the law.

the American Gaming Association (Agha), as expected, announced that she would oppose the measure introduced earlier in the week.

AGA believes GRIT gives ‘competitive disadvantage’

Using her voice Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Chris SilkThe AGA explained that the evolution of the industry today allows for a great deal of focus and money to be placed on the causes of problem gambling.

Silk added Almost every tax dollar The provision for problem gambling-related services arises from taxes on casino gaming, which also includes legal and newly opened iGaming and sports betting markets.

Moving forward, the senior vice president talked about Congress enacting a federal tax on sports betting in 2018 1950s As a means to Prosecution of illegal gambling Emphasizing that the “outdated policy” now gives today’s legal market a leg up Big defect In front of its competitors.

The last category is represented by Illegal operators abroad Who don’t pay taxes and continue to exploit weak players.

AGA will continue to fight to repeal the excise tax

Silk also stressed that the AGA will retain it Educate Congress Regarding why enacting “bipartisan legislation” to repeal the excise tax on legal sports betting operators is necessary to ensure Americans are able to benefit from the guarantees of a regulated market.

Unwilling to “give criminals a chance to come forward”, the AGA will formally reject the law despite its failed efforts to see it through Nevada Rep. Dina Titus And Pennsylvania State Rep. Jay ReschenthalerThe bipartisan annual bill from 2020 onwards is now a reality.

In 2023 alone, sports betting shops paid more than 250 million dollars. The amount represents more than many states are able to collect from sports betting each year.

On January 11, the association, which serves as a “champion for the industry across the country by advocating on complex issues that individual members cannot change alone,” also launched Leader of free online industry training together with RG24seven virtual training to Fighting human trafficking.

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