A new report suggests the current number of racetracks in Nebraska is adequate


several years ago, nebraska Residents voted for a ballot initiative that effectively ties the state together Racing tracks for casino development. Name. The approved initiative requires gambling companies interested in developing and operating casinos in the state to obtain racetrack approval. This process makes developing casinos easier for the state’s existing race track licensees, which are currently casinos Total six.

As announced Fremont TribuneA new study prepared by the New Orleans Innovation Group for the Nebraska Gambling Commission, Nebraska Racing and Gaming CommissionProposal No new racing licenses are needed. The recently emerged report highlighted that current racetrack license holders have “more than enough capacity” to triple or even quadruple the racing sector across the state. “data Does not support adding more racing licenses“, reads the newly released report.

The report’s findings could be translated as an obstacle for casino developers interested in entering Nebraska. Meanwhile, the state’s six current racing license holders may have a slight advantage. However, to ensure a fair and competitive market, Nebraska created the Strong rules when it comes to the racing and casino sector.

Under current state laws, the gambling regulator must evaluate The potential impact of new horse racing tracks and casinos Before rejecting or approving the proposals submitted. Within the current regulatory framework, the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission must influence new racetracks and casinos in the existing market. Provided the proposal is “harmful” to existing racetracks and casinos, it is It must be rejected. It is not surprising that such decisions are made on the basis of studies.

A report to be reviewed by the state gambling regulator

Six existing racetracks in the state are suitable for a casino license. The list includes places in Grand Island, Lincoln, South Sioux City, Omaha and Hastings as well as Columbus. The WarHorse Casino in Lincoln was The first real casino to open its doors to visitors.

The latest report explored the potential impact of the proposed casino and racetrack on it Bellevue It may be on the market in the country. According to the new study, while such a place would help Raising gambling revenues in nebraskaThis is also permissible Impact on existing race track revenues.

The next meeting of the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission is scheduled January 19. My religion is mineThe committee chairman confirmed that he had not yet reviewed the report. The President explained that the results of the study are likely To be discussed during the next meeting To committee. Moreover, Lee stated that the report is not final May be subject to changes.

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